Why are so many young people quitting their jobs?

Renewing Limited Government: Page Limits

No one has talked about page limits, but I believe it’s a serious idea that would productively limit the growth of the government beast while costing America nothing. The Constitution of the United States was fewer than fifty pages long – no federal legislation should be longer….

Tax Cut Facts: Do Tax Cuts Increase Revenues?

One of the more polarizing debates taking place in Washington is the issue of raising taxes. Barack Obama campaigned on the notion of allowing the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans to expire in order to help pay down the growing debt, and close the gap between federal spending and revenues. Republicans have been against this idea and to this day, this tax cut has not been allowed to expire.

The Federal Deficit: A Spending or Revenue Problem?

One of the most polarizing issues in today’s political playing field is the case of the massive deficits and mounting federal debt, along with the solution. To the Republican Party (and for that matter, libertarians and the Tea Party) the problem is one of spending. The government has grown too large and the cost of maintaining it is too expensive and burdens America with high tax rates. The right thing to do is to scale back government and cut taxes. To the Democrats, the issue is one of lowered taxes on corporations.

The History of Republican Racism

Something that’s often overlooked is the Republican Party’s pandering to racist sentiments after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 under the Lyndon B Johnson administration. As African-Americans began moving to the Democratic Party (which up until recently, has been the party that catered to racist sentiments), the Republican Party took this opportunity to welcome disillusioned racists who would now abandon the Democratic Party.

Housing Starts Up 3.6% – What Does This Mean To The Economy In General?

The news from the economic front is housing starts are up. There is no way this could be terrible news because it means someone, at least, will be working pretty soon. After all, houses don’t put themselves up. So, what does this new housing start number mean to the economy in general? In this article, we will explain.

The Rise of the Retail Class and the Decline of the Economy

As the recession trudges along, more and more job casualties are being reported. By “job casualties” I mean the positions lost, household incomes halved (or evaporated), and work hours foregone in an economy that is becoming more and more shaky with each passing day. A battle is taking place, and more and more people are giving up the fight.

Twenty Steps to Take Toward Prosperity for Americans

This article lists twenty steps Americans can take that will shift their focus from poverty and help them take steps into prosperity. These steps are called mental bridges into prosperity.

Ilkley – Jobs and Lifestyle Galore In Yorkshire

Ilkley is a spa town situated in West Yorkshire, in the north of England, built on the south bank and valley of the River Wharfe. Ilkley’s rich heritage and surrounding glorious countryside makes tourism a main local industry, where manufacturing and engineering prosper.

Reverse Repo to Replace Quantitative Easing

The Federal Govt has a humongous appetite for which the Central Bank and the politicians are all too happy to feed, of course by letting the American taxpayer pick up the tab. Quantitative Easing has been the means by which the notorious expansion of the money supply was possible. By now just about everyone understands its hazard. So, what will replace the QE? Read on to find out.

Taking Exception To America

President Obama famously said he believed in American exceptionalism in the same way Brits believe in British exceptionalism, and the Irish believe in Irish exceptionalism, etc. Of course, if everyone’s exceptional, no one is… which I think was the president’s point. There’s nothing special about you Americans! Sit down and shut up!…

Why Creating Jobs Won’t Help Our Economy

Political and business leaders are all focused on job creation, when in fact most people are looking for much more meaningful work. This article discusses why simply creating jobs isn’t going to boost our economy and how we can develop a healthy society for all our citizens.

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