Why Comic Book Sales Are At An All-Time Low

The Economic Insanity of Socialist Economics – They Can’t Be Serious

Should US citizens be upset with the growth of China’s economic might, or how we are losing our industrial base and jobs to those US companies outsourcing and home grown Chinese companies which export those products to our nation or back to our country? I say no, and I’d like to explain why.

The Economics of Free Choice

When Milton Friedman penned his famous book; “Free to Choose” he explained in the most simple terms why you cannot have freedom without free-markets or vice-versa. Even if that was not the central theme, it is as valid today as it was back then. Still, today we have academic socialists who have hijacked such debate, and they are even getting Nobel Prizes [from a socialist nation] for doing so. Let’s talk.

Burgling The Future

Paul Volcker and Richard Ravitch have some smart things to say about government finance. Unfortunately, they have no power to do anything but talk.

Is Opinionated News the New Norm?

It wasn’t that long ago that any jobs added in a given month would be considered a step in the right direction. Could it be we have already forgotten the millions of jobs that were lost during the former administration?

Aristotle, the Pope, and Income Inequality

Aristotle argued that a stable democracy required a strong middle class. The Pope, in his recently published Exhortation, argues against the economic inequality hurting the poor and destroying the middle class. This article examines how the income inequality came about.

Don’t Mistake Crowdfunding As a New Way to Run a Socialist Economy

As a think tank coordinator, myself and our group come up with endless potential business start-up ideas, technologies, service company entrepreneurial exploits and new business models. In the last few years, I’ve noted increasing numbers of entrepreneurs favoring crowdfunding as a better source for start-up capital. Many of these entrepreneurs are fresh out of college with visions of saving the world, and their minds are often filled with socialist fallacies. They tell me that crowdfunding is like socialism in action – completely beautiful and natural democracy in action.

Some Say Free Market Economics Cannot Work In A Global Economy – Really Why Not?

As a Franchisor Founder, I know about free market economics. Personally, when it comes to franchising, it’s like running a large company made up of many small independent small businesses. Although the business model today is more refined and over regulated, there are many similar strategies like distributorships and license agreements that work nearly the same. They work well, without a multinational conglomerate behind them, but if they do have that power base backing them up, they can work fine that way too, “with or without you” as U2 Bono might say.

Raising Minimum Wage Won’t Work to Fix The Obama Administration’s Problem With Socialism

If it were only that simple – raising minimum wage that is – but alas, it isn’t, not even close. You see, what we’ve done with our endless attempts to tweak the free market economy, and realize I am using that terminology very loosely, all we’ve done is engaged in manipulation, crony capitalism and socialist theory. Now that things are not working optimal, we are moving to fix our unintended consequences.

Capitalism Works!

Why has socialism been abandoned almost every where? Why do productive governments emulate capitalism? What made American capitalism out produce all other industrial societies? Why are American workers still the best?

Government Gone Nuclear! What the New “Majority Rules” Could Mean for Our Broken System

Senate Democrats vote to make historic changes to procedural rules this month in an apparent effort to overcome obstruction via the use of the filibuster. “The Nuclear Option” is an historic change in the Senate’s confirmation rules which guarantees the President’s judicial and executive nominations, excluding the Supreme Court, a simple up or down vote.

Rural Job Creation in India – Role of Microcredit

An economy needs the infusion of money to spiral up the growth. Microcredit encourages entrepreneurship, which in turn generates employment opportunities. This ensures a steady income. Microcredit is a powerful tool for change at the grass root level. If used sensibly, it can empower the people.

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