Why Did The Left Turn Against J.K. Rowling?

Partnerships, the Ultimate Source of New Revenue

In a downed economy, a key to surviving is branching out into new areas and diversifying your current offerings. Partnerships are one such way to increase not only new potential client opportunities but also your bottom dollar.

America’s Shrinking Economy and the Demographic Shift Causing It

Renowned economists, such as Paul Krugman, would have you believe the sky is falling and that America is headed for another depression. Krugman could not be more hopelessly mistaken. You see, what Mr. Krugman, and other economic pundits who share his opinion, are misinterpreting is the reason behind the economic bubble burst of 2008: America’s demographic shift. Boomers are not buying, they are selling.

The Financial Crisis Depression is Knocking on Our Door

With the mounting debt, unemployment and lies told to us by the government, we are all about to be catapulted into a financial crisis depression. Are you prepared?

Global High Unemployment Rates – A Mix of Technology and Productivity

The world is undergoing a transformation that is breaking social systems from United States to Nigeria. Mortgage crises, euro-region debt burdens and series of other problems have seriously affected many key financial districts around the world. Everything has changed and the capacity of capitalism to sustain human progress has been put to test.

The Complexity of the European Economy

European financial problems are beginning to trouble investors in other parts of the world, most notably in the United States. From sluggish growth to worries that the recession is not nearly over yet are beginning to concern even the most confident investor.

Deficit Schmeficit

Let’s start with a little exercise, everybody, pull a dollar bill (or any bill) out of your pocket. OK, on the side with the dead president’s picture, what does it say on top? It says, “Federal Reserve Note.” On the bottom, it is signed by The Treasurer or the United States and the Secretary of the Treasury.

A 2010 Financial Outlook – The 4th Quarter Report – What Economic Recovery?

Teetering on the edge of a murky economic abyss, the big question on the minds of millions: What is the Financial Outlook for the 4th quarter of 2010? What is on the economic horizons and beyond? In this article, we will examine many of the disturbing economic trends currently facing millions. We will take a close look at many of the factors which are playing into the continued decline of world economies as seen from the blurry eyes of an old, worn-out, wood butchering, Colorado carpenter.

Real Economic Reform Will Be Like Pulling Teeth

I had the pleasure of playing golf and having lunch with one of my beloved sons the other day. We covered a variety of topics, from my recovery from dental surgery to his worries about the future of our country and our economy. And it occurred to us that the story of the former was a pretty good allegory for the unfolding story of the latter.

Central Board of Excise and Customs

CBEC deals with collection of central excise and custom duties incurred by traders, who trade with India. The Board is the administrative authority for its subordinate organizations, including Custom Houses, Central Excise Commission rates and the Central Revenues Control Laboratory.

HS Code – New Language of Trade

HS codes are used for trading purposes which shows the complete details of the product. It is very useful for importers, exporters and manufacturers.

Financial Crisis DOOMSDAY – It is About to Hit Like a Tsunami

The financial crisis we about to experience makes the 2008 crisis seem like a walk in the park. You need to prepare right now.

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