Why Elon Musk is warning about one of the “biggest risks to civilization”

Gulf Cooperation Council Economic Integration

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) is generally regarded as a success story for economic integration in Arab countries. Although economic integration among GCC member states is an ambitious step in the right direction, there are gaps and challenges ahead.

Socialism Needs Capitalism – It Needs a Place to Steal the Money From for the Agenda

It is amazing how many people actually believe that socialism is a viable way to run human civilizations and society; it’s not. The reason socialism appears to be working in some places is two-fold, first folks have been brainwashed into thinking that it is actually socialism which is working when it is really the underlining theme of capitalism and free markets which provides all the juice, and second, because there is an abundance of debt being issued, where governments are running up their credit cards today to give the masses what they now feel entitled. The socialist elite of…

Will China Displace the US As the Worlds Economic and Political Superpower

Cities such as Shanghai and Beijing have been literally transformed in less than a generation into gleaming cities that inspire awe in those that have seen this transformation. In almost all areas of the economy China has transformed itself into an industrial powerhouse and for all intensive purposes has caught up with the west in many critical areas.

Downgrade Should Shock Nobody

By now you know that Standard & Poor’s downgraded America’s federal debt, attaching a negative outlook to the rating that promises more such downgrades in the future (barring stark changes in the current government’s economic direction). For the first time in the history of such ratings, America is no longer considered a safe bet…

The Marc Nuttle Debt Wall

Our frivolous spending is finally catching up to us. We are spending more than we are bringing in. Learn how this is leading us the the debt wall.

Pop Tarts and Cavemen

Recently there have been many discussions that our society, or more broadly put, our lifestyle as a whole is rapidly approaching the end of a plateau. These discussions have developed because of the notable offset of events such as the recent recession, Middle Eastern unrest, and foreign civil rights. To a certain extent, most can agree that the 21st century has started off rough, but at the same time most do not agree that the plateau is near, or whether it even exists. Suggestions have risen that our society and style of life needs to be sent back to the days of simplicity, and some even advise prehistoric lifestyles. But too many economists and philosophers say there are no facts that suggest the human race is willing or able to take steps back in time just live a simpler, slower life.

Debt Ceiling, Credit Downgrade? What Does It All Mean?

We have all been hearing about the debt ceiling debate, the national budget crisis and the less than optimistic fate of our economy. With so m any serious issues at hand, many of us are having a hard time wrapping our brains around what it all means.

Time To Put Unemployment Front And Center

Unemployment here is not much better than in Spain. If we don’t act soon, two generations of workers may be lost.

Tick Tock – Coming Economic Collapse Timeline

I am a firm believer that warning always comes before destruction. The Great Depression didn’t just happen all of a sudden. There were certain things that lead up to it.

Economic Trends For 2011

A trend is nothing more than a pattern of change. For example, every season there is a new trend in the fashion industry. Well the economy is no different.

Financial Collapse of America – How Can You Prepare and Profit?

With the recent debt ceiling debacle it has become very evident that America is on the brink of a total financial collapse. And before I get into how you can prepare and profit from such an event, let me first say that we are all responsible for own financial success or ruin. Let’s stop depending on the Government to bail us out and take care of us.

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