Why Have Gas Prices SKYROCKETED?

Envy Thou Not The Oppressor And Choose None Of His Ways

I read a comment on an African American woman’s blog stating that she and her husband made a commitment to buy from African American businesses. This sister had verbalized the way I felt about supporting African American businesses. We are the only Americans that do not support our own businesses and it ought to stop! When I have done business with a brother and he didn’t do the job according to my expectations, I have said to others “man, don’t do business with a brother” but this is not right.

When Did The Recession Start – How Do We Weather The Storm?

According to some estimates, the percentage of those who’ve been left unscathed by the economic crisis is below 2%, a disturbing number to say the least. This has made many people ask the question, “When did the recession start?” Of course there have been few simple, straightforward answers. Certainly, it is problematic even to provide a sufficient answer in the limited context of this article.

GDP Recession – A Crucial Aspect Of The Current Economic Recession

One of the more frustrating facts prevalent today is the mainstream media’s insistence that the country is, indeed, experience economy recover. Some have even stated that it has been ongoing for a year now. Yet, those of us on the ground beg to differ. Such pronouncements are nothing more than manipulation tactics employed by the media and the government. Thus, I decided to do some research. Keep reading and I will share some facts about the GDP recession and why it is providing illegitimate recovery data.

Causes of Current Global Recession, Inflation and How It Affects Your Financial Future

It’s the truth, around the world today every country seems to be experiencing economic troubles the likes of which have never before been seen. Understanding the causes of current global recession and inflation is the first step in arming yourself with the knowledge you need to protect. Continue reading and I’ll explain some of the causes and effects.

Recession Facts and How You Can Prepare for the Coming Recession

How do you prepare yourself when a recession is coming on? If you believe a recession is in the making it is time to take action right away. This does not mean panicking or spreading fear around, but rather making decisions in protecting your future financial well-being. The more you are aware of recession facts, the more secure you will be if an economic crisis should strike.

Recession Proof Careers – 4 Great Start-Ups for $500 Or Less

There are so many fabulous ways to make money online today it can be easy to build recession proof careers using the internet. Whether you’re interested in network marketing or building another home based business, it’s so inexpensive and foolproof you’ll have no trouble at all. Keep reading and I’ll share four great start up ideas that will cost you $500 or less.

Economic Predictions 2010

Economic predictions 2010 is showing increasing risks of a double dip recession in 2010 / 2011. The government and media do not tend to be telling you the truth.

Singapore Gearing Up to Ride the Chinese Wave

Emerging out of the global economic crisis businesses and investors around the world are revving up to capitalize on the economic momentum of the Asian region, especially China and similarly the Asian businesses, a significant number of Chinese are gradually venturing out into markets that are farther away from the regional hot picks. Singapore is the preferred location for such businesses due to the world class infrastructure, international banking facilities and ease of incorporating a Singapore company.

The US Economy – The Real Issue – Global Finance and Global “Free-Trade”

Despite huge efforts and spending by government, we still have a “jobless recovery”. Before more money is printed and deficits further increased, we need to realize where the jobs have gone.

The Twilight Zone World of Joe Biden

This article debunks the recent assertion by Vice President Joe Biden that the economy is moving in the right direction using a multitude of current and depressing economic data and indicators. The article provides a set of reasons for the country’s dire economic performance and proposes some ways to get the nation out of the economic doldrums and actually move it in the right direction.

Modern Poverty in the Richest Nation on Earth

In most countries, poverty means, not having enough food to eat. In America, we have wide-spread obesity, but the fat just hides the poverty. America is one of the only countries on Earth where people earning $40,000 – $100,000 a year live in perpetual debt and hang on a narrow thread over the pit of financial ruin.

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