Why Have Sales Crashed For These Top Gaming Franchises?

Prosperity By Decree

Exactly 40 years ago, the president of the United States turned the economic world upside down in a prime-time televised speech. But you can’t decree prosperity, at least not for very long.

Medical Home or Health Hub: A New Health Reform Paradigm Needs New Language

A new healthcare paradigm that focuses on health promotion rather than treating medical conditions after symptoms appear requires a new language. The term “medical home” put forth in the current Affordable Care Act does not support a changing health reform paradigm. The term “health hub” reflects more accurately the focus and intention of the Act, which is reducing cost through earlier health assessment and coordinating care.

Look Out Below QE 3 Is Coming

With the stock market so volatile at the moment, and with the U.S. economy in a grey area, the fed have now announced they are likely to do a third round of quantative easing. Previous fed activities have not worked in the slightest, but in a dramatic turnabout way a lot of traders and market disciplines now believe the Federal Reserve will resume its previous actions of purchasing assets in the next 12 months in a third round of quantative easing.

Is the Stock Market Headed for a Danger Zone?

Over the last few weeks traders are convinced that the markets are in trouble again. There is a lot of market confidence that has been lost especially with the news coming out of Europe and the U.S. also.

Economic Collapse?: Not In Brazil

While the rest of the world is in financial dire straits, Brazil is lapping it up and the place to be right now. While the United States and Europe take a financial lashing, South Americans are basking in the glory of Brazil and its economic strength right now. They are even serving up $35.00 martinis in the bar in restaurants around town.

Market Economy

A free market can be simply defined as an unregulated market where the government plays a neutral role. There are no restrictions or limitation on the profits and also the government is not actively endorsing it.

Debt Wall – Are We Ready?

The current situation of the world economic system is described to be hitting the wall soon. What is this wall? You’ll know soon enough.

Industry News – Capital One Buying HSBC Credit Cards in the US

As a smart consumer, it is up to you to remain up to date on the happenings within the credit card markets. One way to do this is to watch the news and interpret what it will mean to you, personally.

3 Reasons Why a Jobless Recovery Sucks

Jobs are getting harder and harder to find. As the us jobless rate continues to rise and our economy gets more and more uncertain we look forward for answers. We will travel in to the unknown waters and ascertain a vision of what the jobs picture might look like. In this brief article we discover what a jobless future means for America.

G20 Must Face The Music

Developed economies that issue international reserve currencies should shoulder their fiscal responsibilities. The G20 has an important role to play in enabling countries to address the international financial crisis in a cooperative way, and is actively evolving into a regular global economic governance mechanism.

The DOW’s Point Drop Today In The US And Network Marketing

A lot of people are on the edge today. A few are probably even contemplating jumping off a bridge. That’s ok. Contemplate, but DON’T ACT ON IT! We all need to learn to see things as they really are. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in the US, the media or the press (or shall I say depress), tend to paint an end-of-the-world scenario because that’s…what…sells. Almost everyone loves bad news, so that’s what people of authority put out there.

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