WHY I STAND: Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac Announces Book

Why “Occupy Wall Street” Matters

Taking it to the streets. What began with dozens of ne’er-do-wells on Constitution Day (September 17th) is now a multi-continent event.

Is The Market Being Manipulated? – Part 2

There is so much uncertainly in the future of the world economy. The news goes back and forth from positive to negative day to day. How can that be? Are we being manipulated? See what the author has to say about it in Part 2 of his articles on market manipulation.

How To Prepare For Hyperinflation – Your Guide

How to prepare for hyperinflation. This is your guide to help you. We will tell you the exact tools you need to beat this savage beast.

A Surefire Approach to Eliminating Debt

An approach to reduce our debt that gives both parties what they want. How hard can it be?

Renewing Limited Government: Regulations

America’s 40th president said many spot-on things about the massive growth of government his “progressive” foes always sought. One of my favorite quotes is this little quip Ronald Reagan had to say about the federal government: “It’s like a baby. It’s an alimentary canal with an appetite on one end and no sense of responsibility on the other…”

HUD Releases September Scorecard

Despite the continued debate happening in Washington and around the country, most people (including politicians) agree that getting our housing market back on track is key to our economic recovery. But in order for us to know how best to improve the housing market, we need an accurate assessment of where we’re at. It is this need for accurate information that motivated the Obama Administration to launch a new program that provides a monthly snapshot of the housing industry. Called the Housing Scorecard, it is generally released the first week of every month.

Wall Street Protests: What Does This Mean for Us?

The Wall Street Protests do mean a lot for America and American business culture, but the issues that prompted the protests are difficult to understand. There is a lot going on!

Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street movement has been in the news a lot since the movement began a few weeks back but as of now doesn’t have any hard fast demands so to speak of what they really want to see happen. Not being one of the members of the group I do know what I would like to see come of the movement, and from people I have spoken to lately we all seem to have the same things in mind and will lay everything out as far as what I want from business and from government in this…

Regulate Our Free Market Crooks – 20 Aphorisms to Win the Debate

The more freedom we give the aristocrats to exploit our markets, the less freedom we–the other 99% of Americans–have as individuals. The Occupy Wall Street protestors are aware of this inverse relationship, and their viral discourse will open the eyes of many citizens. You can assist in this process by sharing these 20 aphorisms.

Is Wall Street to Blame?

Financial economists in Ivy League schools created advanced mathematical concepts to enhance the ability to make money – These enhancements were implemented into the market and to their surprise – really worked! These concepts created money out of thin air. Financial enhancements not only supported Wall Street employees, but rather, the whole American public. The problem was that it did not last forever. There was a critical flaw in the financial theory. The theory found a crack in the financial system and regulations that created wealth for everyone. The critical flaw was that the U.S. system cannot be founded on falsehoods.

Diaspora Bonds – An Untapped Resource

Diaspora is the movement and migration of a people from there ancestral homeland or their place of residence for generations. Throughout the ages humans in their clans, tribes and armies have always moved. The tribes of Arabia and Africa would and still do settle from place to place depending on where water was or is available for their cattle and themselves.

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