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What is a Recession? Learn About the 3 Signs to Look For and How to Protect Your Money

While we all are feeling the effects of the current economic recession many are still left wondering exactly what is a recession. The more we understand how to identify, predict and protect ourselves from economic hardships the better our chances of minimizing the effects.

Economic Recession Statistics and Predictions – What You Need to Know Now

We all hear talk about the current recession, but too few have an in-depth understanding of economic recession statistics and indicators. While it might at first seem a bit intimidating to learn, these measures actually make it easier to understand how economic predictions are made. Keep reading and I’ll explain some basics.

Watch For Savings Rate to Drop Off – The Sign Consumers Are Spending Enough to Sustain the Recovery

Following most recessions, consumers continue to increase their savings for some months to rebuild their buffer. Since the 1960s, with an exception in 2002, they waited about 9 to 18 months before they reduced their contributions to savings and spent more in the marketplace. When do you build up inventory expecting demand to surge?

Best Way to End Poverty – Abundance For All

I am going to tell you the best way to end poverty forever. Some people believe that charity will end poverty. In the traditional sense of the word charity, I don’t believe this is possible.

Metro Atlanta Economic Update & What You Can Do About It!

Metro-Atlanta still faces challenges from all directions, especially when it comes to real estate holdings. That does not mean opportunities don’t exist, but it does mean you should have knowledge, a professional team, capital and patience.

Complexity and Decision Making – Economic Choices Considered

The more information and complex a problem becomes, it is said that the harder it is to make a meaningful and correct solution – that is to say come up with the; best possible answer. But is this really true you ask? Well, yes, there have been a number of studies, and lots of research in this area.

Electronic Money, RFID Implanted Chips, and the Death of the Paper Dollar Considered

Beware read the headline; Big Brother is out to chip you! And no they were not referring to throwing anyone into a wood-chipper, rather they were talking about implanting RFID Chips inside humans for tracking, communication, ID, and banking. Consider if you will that all you’d have to do to buy something is wave your arm over the cash register reader instead of sliding your ATM or credit card to buy something?

How Would You Like to Go Down in History As a Great Economic Reformer of Human Civilization?

Not long ago, I was talking to a gentleman who was trying to coax me into promoting a new economic scheme. He indicated that anyone who would bring such a concept to the forefront would go down in history as a great reformer of economics, society, and human civilization, and he wondered if I’d be interested? No thanks to that.

Consumer Spending – Another Drag on the Economy!

Most of the time in American history it’s been a good thing that Americans love to spend, a good thing that consumer spending accounts for 70% of the U.S. economy. But not now.

The Government Cannot Create Or Save Private Sector Jobs – It Is Absurd to Think They Can

Recently, Nancy Pelosi touted a bill to save jobs and help create more, but the reality is the actions of politicians, lawmakers, regulators, and government are exactly the problem. To think that academics in the Obama Administration, only a couple have ever owned a business, can micro-manage the complexity and near apparent chaos of free-markets and control its flows, redistribute money, and labor through taxation, regulation, and policy is about the most laughable thing I’ve ever heard.

How to Define Recession and Accurately Identify Its Effects on Your Bottom Line

Despite what we keep hearing, our current economic recession seems to just keep getting worse and certainly doesn’t feel like a recovery. Small businesses are shutting down every second in towns across America.

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