Why We Need You to Join the Fight

Socialism Is Great – Well If You Believe That, I Have Some Great Solid Greek Bonds to Sell You!

After President Obama was elected, there was a famous ballplayer out of Chicago who said that socialism is great, and that he likes socialism because as he put it; “socialism is when everyone is rich not just a few people.” Actually, the exact opposite is true, you see socialism is when just a few people are rich, and everyone else is equally poor. That historically has been the reality, in almost every nation it’s ever been tried or put into practice.

Jobs Are Coming Back In Droves, Says Obama – Not According to the Federal Reserve They Aren’t

Well, I find it amazing how the government appears to be manipulating all the economic figures. Yes, I understand why they are doing that, and I also believe that one-third of the performance of the US economy has to do with consumer confidence. When consumers feel that things are getting better, they go out and spend more, and that indeed does help the economy.

Surviving Bad Times – The Steps That Can Keep You Safe

This article provides the steps needed for surviving bad times. These ideas can help keep you safe. They may even help you prosper, under the right conditions.

The Conscience Of A Restorationist, V

We must restore America, as founded. What project can you dream up and take on? How can you help the restoration? Educate yourself, then write a book. Teach a class at a local college. Start a business. Take on an entrepreneurial initiative within your existing business. Or work on restoring something we used to have in America and which would’ve come in handy when the progressives conducted their insidious campaign: journalism….

Job Creation: A Summary of 2012’s Proposed Solutions So Far

The South African government is under a lot of pressure to create jobs. The unemployment rate in the country is one of the highest in the world and with the economy still under strain, it doesn’t look like it’ll be able to reach its targets.

Did the Recession Destroy Black Wealth?

The combination of greed and debt, is the one-two knock out punch that will keep you down for the count, if you let it control you. This type of economic hardship will reveal a person’s strengths and weaknesses.

Wage Inflation in China Means Less Consumer Purchasing Power Here Unfortunately

Many in the United States are happy to see the Chinese workers making more money for making the goods we buy from them, or from our own companies with factories there. Some cite that it will bring back US factory jobs. Still, I question that because even if those wages significantly increase, it’s doubtful they would ever be enough to change the decisions of corporations to ditch their overseas investments there and bring it all back state side.

A Little Too Quiet on the Western Front

It’s awfully quiet in world markets right now…a little too quiet right now…The classic early warning signs are just emerging and investors need to…

Tug of War Leaves Investors Between a Rock and Hard Place – Recovery or Not, Where’s My Yield?

The signs of a recovery are everywhere… from lower unemployment to retail sales to manufacturing. Yet, the spoiler at the party, or perhaps the realists, continue to be Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve. Even in the face of improvement, they continue to stand ready to pour more stimulus upon the economy, or more fuel on the fire.

Surviving the Impending Economic Collapse

For the health and wellness of you and your family, you need to be prepared to survive the coming economic collapse. There are many ways to prepare for the end of life as we know it. You will need supplies to sustain your family for days or even a year or more.

Our Extreme Population Growth and How It’s Steering Us Towards Our Next Big Crisis

The increase in our population, in the last hundred years, comes out to be more than has ever lived on the face of this earth. Its a fact that we are some what “over capacity” but it shouldn’t be looked at as needing to be “controlled”; as in population control. Learn how we got to where were at now, who’s behind this plan of population control and how our extreme growth over the last century or so, has us going full speed ahead to our very next crisis.

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