Winsome Sears SLAMS Teachers’ Unions For Opposition of School Choice

China Unseats Japan to Be Second Largest Economy

Over the past two decades, China’s exports have jumped more manifold, far exceeding the predictions of economists. This growth has attracted a lot of attention among media, academia, and policymakers.

The Shrimp Season and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

As of mid-August, Louisiana’s first shrimping season since the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill occurred is underway, reigniting concerns over the healthiness of Gulf seafood that may have been tainted by petroleum. The shrimping industry is one of the most important concerns in the state, accounting for some $118 million in revenue last year alone. Countless people rely on the industry for income and sustenance, making the issue an incredibly important one.

Obama’s Speech Last Week

If one thing is for certain, the speech last week evoked strong responses from both parties. While I always do my best to avoid the topic of politics, I do believe that one point that both parties and individuals alike agree upon is that until we clean up the toxic assets that were manufactured over the past 5-7 years, we will not be able to emerge and move forward with rebuilding this economy. The depth and breadth of toxic assets that has touched every economic class, individuals and corporations alike, is literally crippling our ability to function as a society….

The Impact of the Global Financial Crunch on India’s Economy!

Indian economy has been gradually moving ahead, owing partially to political issues and the intense type of weather. Even though India had a prosperous trade and cottage industry in which the natives of the country make goods by sitting at their homes and then sell them out, with Britain’s influx it was really spoiled. Get India flights and glance at the economical conditions of the country yourself.

The Magic Social Security Number Opens Society’s Doors

The social security number (SSN) was meant to identify you for the purposes of social security benefits. It was mandated as part of the Social Security Act of 1935 (section 205(c)(2)). The Social Security Act enabled social insurance for retirement, unemployment, child welfare, disabled persons care, and aid to families with dependents. This insurance is funded by a tax on your pay. A percentage of your pay must be taxed and paid to the IRS, under the Federal Insurance Collections Act (FICA).

Will Your Grandchild Be Able to Count on Social Security Benefits the Way You Do?

Everyone’s worried about the future of the whole Social Security concept. Of course the economy is slow and the government is kind of overbudget on everything; but it’s been this way before and economic trouble has never been a reason for existential anxiety: no matter what, you always knew that you would get your Social Security benefits check from the government. There’s nothing that actually foretells of anything specific, but experts in public finance do see the stage being set for a major cutback. Public debt is at an all-time high and getting higher, and the lawmakers seem to be exhausting the places they can cut back. Sooner or later, they’ll think of Social Security benefits; not least because the savings there can be huge.

Listen Up!

I am borrowing the phrase from Betty White’s upcoming book for a reason. Is anyone watching the news?

Economists Are Behind the Curve of Economic Realities!

Still more reports that were negative surprises, worse than economists’ forecasts. They indicate that forward looking forecasts continue to be well behind the curve, and sharply lower revisions for second half growth are on the way.

If the Economy Falls in the Forest, Will Anybody Hear it or Care?

Jobless claims rise – no surprise here but politicians act astonished. The market will probably ignore these dire warnings as well. It’s almost as the old proverb: if a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear it? Well, if the wheels come off the recovery, does anybody care?

This Economic Reform Seems Bad For Small Business

We also can’t afford all those entrepreneurs to leave their wealth-generating, people-employing businesses for the unemployment line. With what would we then pay them?

World Economy in a Downhill Spiral – Stay Out of It’s Way

The global economy is in very very bad shape. It actually gets worse by the day. Countries and states are in default and cannot afford to repay their debts.

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