FTC Bans Up-Front Loan Modification Fees

In an effort to prevent unethical mortgage modification companies from taking advantage of consumers, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has enacted a new rule to prohibit up-front consulting fees for residential mortgages. The FTC felt they needed to protect consumers who have filed over 800 complaints nationally against mortgage modification companies.

Should The World Feel Sorry for Americans During the Economic Recession Period?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with an acquaintance in Asia, and he said he felt sorry for Americans and their economic plight. He happened to live in a nation which had been experiencing sizable economic expansion and some unfortunate inflation too. Nevertheless, things were doing very well for him, and he had heard that in the US we are having a very slow growth rate.

2011: The Year of the Big Energy Breakthrough

Right now, in cities across the globe, brilliant minds at the fringe of scientific propriety are but one experiment away from the big energy breakthrough humanity’s been waiting more than 40-years for. Unfettered by academic zealotry, or even the need for a posteriori instantiation, this new scientific discovery will not come from a leading research or government institution; it will come from a small team of eccentrics operating out of an unassuming corner of sublet office space.

We the People: Toward a Fair and Just Society and How to Get There

This essay establishes the concept of democracy by the people and for the people by prescribing the application of the single principle of equality of opportunity as the scientific base for crystalization of such society. The economy of the society under this theory is briefly resented causing gradual elimination of the capitalist elite as well as capitalism in its present form. It also presents the process general strike by which the people peacefully take over the power and proceed by the same manner gradually accomplish the goal.

Increasing The Credit Limit Of The Nations Visa Card, Again!

With a whopping $14 trillion in debt, Washington is asking for another increase to their credit line. Why is this dangerous and why should we care?

Gold Bullion and Financial Sense Integer

To expand upon the last article Gold Bullion and Financial Sense; takes us deeper into the realm of banking secrets which should be understood in some meaningful way as to demystify the technical, to simple descriptive yet expansive identification of problems currently endemic in the financial and consequently the economic sectors of many western nations. For clarity banks lobbied hard to do away with the Glass Steagall Act which inhibited banks from creating derivatives of any kind including all…

Here’s What Has Happened In The Last 30 Years And Why You Shouldn’t Borrow Money

When Regan came into office the wealthy got tax breaks in hopes that they would spend their money here instead of the government spending it for them. During this time we’ve seen gas shortages as well as rising gas prices, high unemployment, massive lay offs, and the top executives earning more money so that their pay compared to that of their workers grew by a margin of 600% or more. During this time the number of credit card holders grew exponentially as Americans were encouraged to stimulate the economy by getting credit cards and spending more than they…

Dangers Connected With Leasing Homes During Periods of Increasing Unemployment and Foreclosures

Many people and companies leasing a home require a credit or background check. With the current increase bankruptcy and foreclosure rates, the lessor may need to demand the same credit and background check from their potential landlord. It may also be prudent to check the taxes at the county courthouse to see if these are current on your prospective rental property.

Thoroughbreds At Losing Money

I thought I knew at least one thing about the gambling world: The house always wins. But it turns out that’s not the case when New York City or New York State takes the bets.

A Positive Attitude and the Right Plan Can Help You Succeed in a Recession

The recession has hit everyone hard. Small businesses are having a tough go at meeting their overhead expenses. Independent contractors are seeing their revenue streams drying up. Long time employees are losing their jobs while college students are having a hard time finding entry level employment. The overall mood surrounding career opportunities is a bleak one. So, what is the proper way to approach this situation?

Financial Conservation: Going Green All The Way!

Everywhere we look we see the green message of conservation and how it is applied to all of our vital resources with one major exception: Our Core Financial Resources. From the real economy to personal finance, Financial Conservation is to our core financial resources what the principles of preservation and sustainability are to the environment and natural resources we all depend on. In the new economic era, it’s time to go green all the way.

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