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Strategy Of The Cayman Islands

Money and Paradise are a winning combination. Sunshine, pristine beaches, and banking seem to go together. Is there a place for politics in paradise. You bet there is!

Presidential Candidates, the Fed, and Status Quo

The battle for President of the United States between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rages on towards the finish line, nasty as ever. Despite blinding differences, they each seem to rely on an historically-authoritarian style of delivery (based on dualistic thinking) to underscore their obvious superiority over the other: Insider/outsider, right/wrong, good/bad, black/white, smart/stupid, experience/no experience, etc. Yet does Nero fiddle while Rome burns?

Yellen’s Great Interest Rate Game

In a sense, investing is a lot like a game of chess – thinking ahead about where a future stock price will be based on certain circumstances. That’s what makes stock price movements somewhat predictable, and ultimately profitable.

Negative Rates: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Vault

These days, we have a monetary nemesis called negative rates. It’s already a reality in Japan and the European Union. But large banks, incredulous at being forced to store their digital cash at the European Central Bank (ECB) – and paying for the privilege – have a strategy to deal with this ongoing financial horror show.

The Funding of Social Programs in Jakarta, Indonesia

Socialism has always been a debatable topic in terms of its success as a system. In the previous article we have listed Jakarta Governors’ accomplishment in carrying out his social programs. In this article we are going to examine the sources of funding and how are they obtained and managed.

The Key To A Successful Global Economy

When we think of a global economic system we would like to envision a world free of the retching poverty, disease, the corruption of political systems, the economic instability of some countries, the selfish dominance of leaders [ in that they refuse to ease the undo suffering of their people ] and a world that really can’t find lasting peace between nations. You just have to look to nations like what happened in Libya and other countries in Africa as well as Syria and North Korea today to understand that there are leaders who continue to deny their populations basic…

Worse Than the Great Recession?

As another earnings season comes to an end, one thing immediately jumps out: Stock prices are out of whack from their core value – earnings. And the implications are dire.

The Global Economy: Drunk on Debt

The European economy is supposed to be wracked by doubt and anxiety over Brexit, negative interest rates and terror attacks. So why are markets rising? Government spending, and lots of it.

Another Day In Paradise

As one travels through the cities and towns across the United States you see the faceless multitudes drifting from place to place. For you and me it is just another day in paradise. But, for those countless millions all across the country their plight continues unmercifully with no respite in sight.

Free Trade Is Good, But Free And Fair Trade Is Best

When nations around the world trade goods and services they foster a friendly relationship, which means that war is less likely, that is a good thing right? Well yes, of course, Free Trade is a good thing, as it allows for the most efficient producers to produce just like free markets reward the best producers and create efficiencies. Everyone can win. We create and produce what we do best, they do the same, and we trade and we all get a better deal and everyone is happy. That is if these trade relationships are not overly manipulated by bureaucracies, international cartels, international monopolists, or state run enterprises dumping their subsidized products on the world in order to eliminate their competition for decades to come. Let’s talk.

Printing Money – Is That Really Bad?

Some would say that printing money is fairer than manipulated income tax system because when printing money it is devalued and no one escapes the pain? Okay, but why do either? I see income tax as problematic in that it causes huge amounts of time spent on preparing tax forms to prove your expenses and income, which in a way is yet another tax of time, paper, and stress, not to mention cost to hire a CPA or tax preparer due to the complicated tax codes in the US. But that is not a good reason to choose another method for collecting government revenues, nor is it a justification that we need to print more money for government in trade for getting rid of income tax.

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